CHL Conference 2024

About us

The CHL Conference 2024 marks the inception of a bi-annual forum that explores the potential of geroprotective interventions in promoting healthy longevity.  This premier event gathers the brightest minds in the field to explore, discuss, and envision the future of geroprotective interventions. 


The conference aspires to foster a robust knowledge-sharing ecosystem and innovation, accelerating the journey towards unveiling groundbreaking insights in geroprotective interventions.


The conference is orchestrated by the NUHS Centre for Healthy Longevity, a distinguished entity devoted to extending healthy life by delaying ageing, prolonging disease-free life, and maintaining high functionality. Through rigorous research and strategic implementations, the Centre strives to unveil and promote innovative geroprotective interventions. The CHL Conference 2024 serves as a hallmark event, reflecting the Centre's steadfast commitment to fostering a collaborative environment, facilitating discourse, and propelling the field of healthy longevity forward​.